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My name is Nancy and I live in the greater Montreal area. Computer programming graduate, former personnel placement consultant and more recently owner of a photography studio. I learned skills that I use today for blogging.

I am very lucky to have three beautiful children who have now grown into beautiful adults. I have therefore developed over the years a passion for cooking that I share with you on my blog. Foodie and passionate about life in general, I sometimes even dare to share more about my personnal life, my disappointments, my mom fails and above all, my guilty pleasures.


For many years, the craftsmen behind Cinq Fourchettes were hidden away from view and we were careful not to put our face on and reveal too much about our personal lives. I decided to change that, so here are 10 things to know about me.

  1. I have an unhealthy passion for Facebook! I am literally addicted to it! I spend many hours in front of my screen!
  2. I obviously love food! Makes sense!
  3. I have two brothers and I’m sandwiched in between them which makes me someone to be pitied lol
  4. I have very little shame when it comes to self-mockery! Doctor, can you help me so that I stop revealing my nonsense to everyone? ha ha ha
  5. I am able to put my whole fist in my mouth! Totally useless and ridiculous talent.
  6. I consume a lot and by that I mean way too many romance movies, which makes me a Netflix junkie.
  7. I hate eggplants. The texture makes me gag. Maybe I’ll change my mind one day!
  8. I love to drink wine, but I rarely drink it alone. I’m a social drinker.
  9. Casual clothings are definitely my favorites ! Making myself look cute is a job that takes me hours! Ha ha ha!
  10. I have a cupboard full of compulsively bought recipe books, which I never read!
  11. I suck at math so 10 things to know about me means I’ll stick with it as long as the inspiration strikes.
  12. I did school volunteering for 9 years and I loved it!
  13. I secretly dream of having a dream body while playing the couch potato!
  14. Behind my steering wheel, I swear like a trucker! I’m telling you, it’s anything but chic! Shame on me !
  15. I’m over 40, and not ashamed of it!

In short, I am a person who has no taboos, who likes to laugh and who is not too afraid of ridicule.

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